After 13 years of being with Sprint, the last 3 of that term being in an area that should be a yellow-hot-spot, I’m finally making the switch to T-mobile. Why? Well…

It’s simple…I get coverage and a new phone.

When I moved to LA back in 2011, I had an HTC Hero. I loved that phone, but it had a slew of problems, the most notable being that Sprint dropped support for it shortly after releasing it. In order to get it to a working state I rooted it and dropped CyanogenMod on it; afterwards, I loved my little Hero (read more about it here). Shortly after moving, though, Sprint released the HTC EVO 4G LTE (phew! what a long name…) and of course, I wanted something with more power, memory, etc. I received it and it was great, except for service.

At the time I was working in DTLA, on the 29th floor, sitting next to the window and I couldn’t even get a single bar of service. I lived in San Gabriel (626, yay!) and even there I had full service for phone, but data was barely usable. In mid-2013 I moved to the Los Feliz/Hollywood area, and guess what, service….didn’t get any better. The only way I could get my phone to work was to use an in-home Sprint Airwave so that my signal would go over my cable internet connection.

And then…Google releases the S5. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m an HTC fanboy, but seriously HTC, releasing phones with no microSD card slots? WTF are you thinking? Anyway, even though all carriers are getitng the S5, T-Mobile doesn’t require any kind of contracts. Sprint, on the other hand, does. Even though I was on Sprint, had been for 13 years, had just finished a contract, and had a $150 credit towards a new device, wouldn’t budge. The only thing Sprint offered was to move me to a “Framily” plan, but I’d have to pay full price for the S5, and there were certain stipulations to the “Framily” plan that I didn’t care for. VZW and ATT also required contracts.

The final nail in the coffin, so to speak, was price. Of everyone, Tmo had the best prices, no contract, and insane coverage.

<insert tmobile jingle> Hello, T-mo, and a new S5!

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