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A Hillbilly’s Guide to Las Vegas

Being from Kentucky, we do things a bit differently and sometimes, those things might make us stick out. For example, when the bell hop holds his hand out and says, “Is there anything else, sir?” don’t shake his hand, pat him on the shoulder, and tell him to have a nice day. Over the last five years, I’ve been to Las Vegas at least twice a year and I like to think that I have a grip on what to do and expect now. I wanted to share that info with you.



2010 Hoover Dam


Our Wednesday in Vegas started off with a trip to the Hoover Dam. It was pretty interesting. We opted for the full tour into the dam and power plant. On the tour, they took us half-way down the dam, down to an opening that would let us take pictures over the river. It was pretty crazy to see the water being so low; in the pictures below, you might be able to see the rock-cliffs and then it suddenly turns white, that’s the water level at its highest point, but now it’s pretty low. We also took pictures of the 2-state area where you could be in two states at the same time: Nevada and Arizona.

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2010 Sky Jump


To celebrate getting engaged the night before, I decided to jump off the top of the Stratosphere at the North end of the Vegas Strip.

855 feet up in the air, on the 108th floor.

You step off into nothing, and free fall at about 57 feet per second.

Pictures and video after the break.


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