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Galaxy S5 Boot-Up Sound Removal


Sometimes, when you apply a new Rom to your device, the Rom developer may put in a custom tone for when you boot up or shut down. Sometimes that sound isn’t really wanted by the end user. If you have one that you would rather not hear, here’s how to remove it. As with most other system mods/changes, your device must have root access; continuing on, I assume that you have root privileges on your S5 as well as superuser permissions granted correctly.



Let’s Root an S5

So, the S5 has been out for a little while and I’m getting on the bandwagon now that there has been a bit of time to work out the kinks. I think now’s a good time to root my S5. Why would I want to? Well, it gives me access to the system, custom recovery tools, and more control over my device. Also, it allows me to install custom Roms (phone operating systems). Here we go…


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