When Sprint initially announced their partnership with Google and their first Android powered phone, I was super happy. This was the phone to get, this was the phone to move to! Yeah……..2 months after the release of the HTC Hero, Sprint released the 4G Evo and dropped all development on the Hero. It wasn’t until after 6 or so months that the first update for the Hero came out followed by Sprints official announcement to stop supporting it.

For anyone that has an HTC Hero, you’ll soon learn why this is the greatest phone you’ll love to hate. The more you use it, the more it eats itself up. By that I mean that it degrades the battery, the response of the OS becomes more and more sluggish, and it generally makes you want to throw it across the room. With Sprint offering no help for it other than the official statement of “Power off and back on”, what do we do?

Enter CyanogenMod….and here’s how to bring new life to your Hero.