Sometimes, when you apply a new Rom to your device, the Rom developer may put in a custom tone for when you boot up or shut down. Sometimes that sound isn’t really wanted by the end user. If you have one that you would rather not hear, here’s how to remove it. As with most other system mods/changes, your device must have root access; continuing on, I assume that you have root privileges on your S5 as well as superuser permissions granted correctly.

Open a file explorer and set properties to mount “/” as R+W. I use ES File Explorer and this can be done by swiping left to right, or by using the hamburger stack menu on the top left. Under “Tools” tap the On/Off toggle for “Root Explorer” and wait a minute as ES will request admin/root permissions from superuser. Once this has been granted, tap on the “Root Explorer” title on the pull-out menu, forcing a popup to appear. On this menu, select “/” as R+W and accept changes.

Now that you have Read and Write on the root of your device, navigate to:

Look for a file called PowerOn.ogg and delete it

Alternately, you can create your own audio files as OGG format and place here for use. You can also find boot up and boot down in the system/media folder if you want to change those animations.

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