Christopher J. Vance


To obtain a position in an industry that allows me to utilize my skills to effectively release a quality application to the mobile marketplace.


  • Experience with black-box and white-box testing web-based, as well as mobile, applications
  • Solid knowledge of SDLC and software QA Methodologies
  • Experience in designing test documentation, such as test cases, bug reports, and check lists
  • Write clear and concise bug reports and verify them fixed in new builds
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Experience in network topology layout and scalability



System Administrator
ACTV8me, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA
June 2014 to Present

  • Licensing and vendor management
  • Nagios administration for services
  • AWS and cloud based systems administration
  • Oculus Rift and Leap Motion support
  • Network setup and support 25-user base iOS
  • Provide manual testing of content, campaign, and promotion generation
  • Provide bug reports for Android and iOS applications
  • Provide bug reports for Web-based applications
  • Research and implementation of mobile asset (tablet/phone) tracking and management

Digital QA Engineer
Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc (AMCI), Marina del Rey, CA
August 2013 to December 2013

  • Worked with developers to push content to Android devices using in-house MDM
  • Assisted in planning, implementation, and support of Nissan360 Test-Drive Queue System using Android NFC and mobile app reservations
  • OnDemand GeoTracking through Android Device GPS
  • Hands-on Android device signal strength (Wi-Fi and data) verification
  • Provided documentation for application updates, installation, and use
  • Manually tested all application releases, submitting all bug reports to development
  • Regression testing and verification of previous version issues
  • Provided iOS application support for 40 concurrent connections
  • Performed user experience data collection
  • Provided documentation and assessment of user experience

Delivery Engineer/Analyst
Tactara, Los Angeles, CA
January 2012 – August 2013

  • Experience with JIRA in an AGILE work-space tracking bugs, features, and improvements
  • Managed over 10,000 domains, revenue, and IP Address assignments
  • Daily monitoring of IP space statistics (opens/clicks/revenue)
  • Audited IP Address allocation for unused servers and IP Addresses
  • Configuration of PowerMTA (basic Linux commands)
  • Tested implementation of click-tracking with mobile devices (iOS, Android, Win) through both device web browser and OS specific apps
  • CEP mail scheduling for Gmail, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo!
  • Wrote, planned, and executed the development of internal process automation
  • Quality Assurance for mail server processes
  • Quality Assurance for IP, revenue, and media
  • Lead the re-evaluation process of intranet mailing web-app
  • Lead the consolidation of company ‘Doing Business As’ accounts, domains, and registrations following strict guidelines provided by the CAN-SPAM Act

Network Administrator
Innovations Branding House, Paducah, KY
March 2008 – October 2011

  • Administration of Windows 2008 Server for IIS 7.5, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Apache EMU (APE), FTP
  • Administration of Windows 2008 Server (File Shares/10 Users)
  • Administration, installation, support, and updates of web-sites (HTML, CMS/WP/Joomla!)
  • Administration of iMail (IPSwitch), leading migration into Rackspace Apps
  • Created and implemented system time-based rules for backup/restore of both system and MySQL services
  • Wrote, planned, and executed the migration of 200+ web-site services to cloud-based, load-balanced services
  • Wrote, planned and executed the migration of 500+ iMail (IPSwitch) accounts to Rackspace Hosted Exchange
  • Provided support for site connections through FTP, Adobe Contribute, and Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Provided support for email connections through mobile devices, Rackspace Apps, Hosted Exchange Services
  • Assisted in Sales consultation meetings to plan client’s requirements for online presence

Systems Administrator Assistant
Schroeder Publishing, Paducah, KY
September 2006 – August 2007

  • Executed backup and archive practices of publications to LTO Veritas Tape System
  • Executed the installation and configuration of ColorBurst Print Queue (Server: WinXP, Client: OS X, Devices: Epson 7600 and 7800)
  • Wrote and executed new process for decreasing wasted time during FlightCheck and InDesign to PDF publication conversions
  • Published PDF publications to Internet book preview service: “Peek Inside the Book”
  • Provided support for MAC OS X (Tiger) desktop systems
  • Provided support for Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers, File Servers, Printer Servers, and Queue Managers
  • Provided support for publication approved scanners

IT & Customer Support Specialist
StreamerNet, Murray, KY
June 2005 – June 2006

  • Provided customer support and issue tracking
  • Planned, implemented, and supervised internship program (Murray State University, TSM)
  • Lead implementation and scalability of Windows Media Servers
  • Lead development of streaming media through non-connected wireless routers (WDS)



Master of Science in Management of Technology (May 2005)
Murray State University, Murray, KY

  • Specializing in Engineering, Telecommunications, Behaviorism, Industrial Supervision and Management

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Systems Management (December 2003)
Murray State University

  • Specializing in TCP/IP, LAN/WLAN, Wireless/Cellular, Cisco Routing, E-Commerce and Business

Associate of Science in Networking and Information Systems Technology (June 2001)
Kentucky Community & Technical College, Paducah, KY

  • Specializing in Windows NT/2000 Server Administration, IP Address Allocation

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology (August 2001)
Kentucky Community & Technical College, Paducah, KY

  • Specializing in Cisco Configuration, VoIP, Topology and Security


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