Fedora Install (short)

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Ok, first things that you will need:
1) Broadband Internet Connection(recommended)
2) USB Flash Drive(recommended) or other removable media
3) DVD Burner
4) Blank DVD-Rs(recommended)
5) Blank CDs***Software***
6) OtherOS Installer by Sony 1.3MB [@Sony]
7) Fedora Core 5 PPC image (DVD) 3.4GB [HTTP] [BitTorrent] [Mirrors]
8) PS3 Linux Addon CD 41.77 MB [QJ.net] [PS3News] [Google]

Step 1 Preparation
We need to begin by burning your files onto blank media. I recommend using DVD Decrypter even though it is no longer available… DVD Decrypter does a great job because it is simple to use and it allows for burning of image files to both CD and DVD media. Any app will work fine, for example Nero, just burn your images at the lowest speed possible. The slower the burn, the easier and faster your PS3 will be able to read your burns.1.1) Preping OtherOS file //With your PC of course
___1.11) Get the “OtherOS Installer” by Sony and rename it otheros.self
Note: In Windows, the “Hide extensions for known file types” box must be unchecked in the “View” tab in “Folder Options”. If you don’t know how to do this… Man, ask somewhere else…
___1.12) Create folder in the root directory of USB Flash Drive and name it “PS3″
___1.13) Create folder in “PS3″ folder and name it “otheros”
___1.14) Place otheros.self file renamed in step 1 into “otheros” folder from step 31.2) Burn Fedora Core 5 PPC image to DVD
1.3) Burn PS3 Linux Addon to CD

Step 2 Update PS3 firmware
Assuming that you already have these file, you now need to update your PS3. Before you can use Sony’s OtherOS Installer, you need to update your PS3′s firmware to the most current version available. This can be done in more than one way. Here are the methods available.

2.11) Download this file on your own and install via removable media
2.12) Connect to the internet via network cable
2.13) Connect to the internet via wi-fi

For those of which that do not know how to configure your internet settings for 2 and 3, RTFM… The file is easily found if you google “PS3 Firmware Update.” As of the writing the most current available is v1.10. I found some that were not from the Sony site, these will work fine.

Step 3 Create a Linux partition.
Ok there are a lot of steps on this part of the install, but it is pretty straight forward. Use your common sence if all else fails.

3.1) PS3 Format Utility
___3.11) Navigate in the GameOS menu to Settings -> System Settings
___3.12) Select “Format Utility” and within its submenu select “Format Hard Disk”.
___3.13) Select “Yes” for Disk Format
___3.14) Select “Yes” again for the “are you sure you want to continue?”
Note: Be sure you have backed up your game saves before this step or else they will be lost. You should know how to do this on your own.

3.2) Create Linux Partition
___3.21) For partition setting select “Custom”
___3.22) In partition setting select “Allot 10GB to the Other OS” //format will begin on its own
___3.23) After partition has been created hit “X” to restart

Step 4 Install Kboot
4.1) Plug your USB Flash drive that you prepaired in step 1.1 if you have not already done so.
4.2) Install Other OS
___4.21) In the GameOS, Navigate back to Settings -> System Settings and select “Install Other OS”
___4.22) The PS3 will automatically find the otheros.self file. Select “OK” once detected
___4.23) Select “X” to start the installation
___4.24) Start Other OS Installation
___4.25) You will be asked to connect your USB cable to your wireless controller. Do so now.
___4.26) Accept Licence Agreement. After this step, the Other OS install is complete. Select “O” to go back to the “System Settings” menu.

4.3) Set new Default OS
___4.31) Open “Default System” menu
___4.32) Select “OtherOS” as default system

4.4) Restart PS3 :)
Note: If you have not already done so, now is a good time to connect your USB keyboard and mouse.

Step 5 Install Fedora Core 5 on your PS3
You may freak out in this part of the installation because the process is not as fast or fluidic as beforehand. Let the PS3 do its thing. Just like that old Campbells soup commercial says: “Good food takes time.”

Once you restart the Linux boot loader will run. Type in all commands exactly as shown in quotes.

5.1) DVD install
___5.11) Wait till you see “kboot:” at the bottom of the screen. Type in “install-fc sda”
___5.12) You will be prompted to insert the Fedora Core 5 DVD. Do so and enter “y” to continue. Wait…
___5.13) You can choose between a minimum and full install. The choice is yours, but I chose full to be sure I would have a GUI.
___5.14) Select “y” for the all data removed question. Fedora will begin to install. Get ready to wait about 2 hours. For real…

5.2) Addon package install
___5.21) You will be prompted to insert the Linux Addon CD. Do so and enter “y” to continue.
___5.22) Enter your UNIX password. DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD.
___5.23) You can choose to power down or start Linux from here. Type “reboot” to start Linux and “halt” to power down.

Step 6 Configure and run Linux
6.1) If you have interest in configuring the Setup Agent, do so, but it is not nessassary. The Setup Agent is pretty easy to navigate, so i won’t even bother explaining it.
6.2) Login to Fedora
___6.21) When you are greated with “localhost login:” type in “root” as your login name. This can be changed later.
___6.22) Enter your UNIX password that I told you to remember.
Note: “[root@localhost ~]#” <— this is what you worked hours for :)… You are now running Linux!!!

*************END OF GUIDE*************

I still have some brushing up to do with Linux, but here are some basic commands to get you guys started.

To start up the GUI: startx
To restart in GameOS: boot-game-os
To shutdown: halt

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