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Ref: PS3News [here]

It is possible now to dump the contents of a PS3 game to the hard drive, however this dump may take up a lot of room on the drive. Therefore, I recommend getting ourself a larger drive to put into the system. This test was done by PS3News, using Madden, and the game-dump took roughly 7-8.00 gigs of space.Note, though, that there is no way of mounting and accessing the .img files once they are dumped to your PS3. For now, the dump is just a way to have a backup on your hard drive….give it time though, and there will eventually be a way to dump-n-play these ps3 discs.

Taken from PS3News:

Tonight CJPC had some freetime and decided to install Linux Fedora Core 5 (PPC iSO) along with PS3 Other OS Installer and the kboot from the CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso file. Once installed (Installation Tutorial), he logged into the shell and dumped the Extended OS Area (which resulted in 4.0 MB (4,194,304 bytes) by using: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/extendedos.img

Next up, CJPC connected his external USB HDD to his PS3 (since he only has a 20GB stock PS3 HDD) and just (6) days after launch proceeded to dump (read “back-up” to $ony) his Madden NFL 07 PS3 Blu-ray Game Disc (the resulting iSO image is only 7.08 GB (7,597,719,552 bytes)) via the following: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/imagename.img

If you happen to own a 60GB PS3, you can use this command instead to dump directly to your PS3‘s HDD: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img

Dump to Extended OS Area: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/extendedos.img

Dump to External: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/imagename.img

Dump to HDD:  dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img

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