PS3 Mods

Here’s some information on some of the things you can do with your PS3. However, be advised that doing so will Void Your Warranty. Also, depending on how well you are open to interpretation, depends on what/how the law applies to you.


For years, the law has been open to allow owners of games/movies full rights to make a single backup of your owned media in case something happened to it and it broke or went bad. However, there are mixed reviews and statements from lawyers, copyright holders, the DMCA, etc and everyone gives a different opinion on what exactly your rights are.


I’m writing up these guides as a personal reference and only to give instructions on the theoretical use of doing so. Anything you use here is strictly for education purposes and to guard against if my dog decides to eat a disc I paid $100 for. These guides are meant to show you how to fix and use your PS3 and how to make a backup of a game or other media (music, pix, home movies) that you have already paid for and own.

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