Comfort Suites

This is a two-story hotel across from KY Oaks Mall. This hotel has wired, Cat5 connections in each room and offers wireless access to the Internet (available only in the lobby; hopefully that will change after renovations are complete). This hotel was outfitted with a pay-for-service Internet machine; users paid $1.00 at a time for about 15 or 20 minutes of use. After which they had to insert more money or end the session. This machine was hooked up to the Internet through dial-up and had a very slow (Pentium1 with Windows 95) computer. Also, this business center machine kept crashing and breaking down.

To resolve this problem, the hotel moved to a CI (Cable-Internet) connection. However this was only installed at the desk just off the side of the Front Check-In Desk. This area was called the Business Center. A small desk housed a semi-better computer (currently, I believe it’s a P4 or a P-Centrino w/ XP Pro), fax machine, and connected to the small cable modem. This allowed users to get online. At the time that PC was fully unprotected. Anything that was done on the computer was never erased, credit card orders were never deleted, Internet history was never cleared, etc.

To resolve this, a new computer was put in and fully updated. Once the computer was fully operational, a program was installed that kept the computer at it’s same image. No matter what was done to the computer, be it installing programs, pulling a virus, using credit cards, anything, as soon as the computer is restarted, it reverts back to the original condition. This helps to make sure that all your history and credit card transactions are cleared; this also helps to ensure that if a virus is pulled down then it will be removed (fully) upon restart.

Later, the hotel moved to a central CI connection, removing the single cable modem from the Business Center and connecting it to the wall jack. Afterwards, that connection was changed so that a hub was installed and connects to the wall jack. A wireless access point and the computer both connect tho this hub.

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