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In August 2006 I was contacted by a private third-party hiring firm to accept a manager’s position on an “on-call” job at Best Buy. The job was to be the manager of a group of people to meet at BB after hours and switch out all of their equipment for new servers, new PoS stations, new bar code readers, etc.

On day one we met at BB around 10 PM (closing time) and introduced ourselves to the store manager. After a review with the store manager we waited until the store was empty and we began unpacking all of the equipment. I had two people removing all of the old PoS areas, two others working on moving stations to their locations, and I, along with the IBM rep, began work on the store server.

BB had a three server stack in the back room that we consolidated down to one server to run the entire store. We had no access to the actual operating system, only a set of commands and keystrokes that we were to follow to prompt the new server into automatic configuration. Once configuration started, we went out to help the other four workers set up the PoS systems.

Old PoS systems were removed and new ones put up in their place. We were to leave all registers as is but mark the new stations as DNU (do not use). Only 2 registers were to remain as the old PoS stations until the following night. BB was to use only the 2 old PoS stations for sales for the following day.

On day two we returned and switched out the final 2 old PoS, set up all of the new PoS stations, and finalized all setup options for the store.

Minus some off the wall, poorly written config instructions, it went pretty smooth.

Best Buy is still using the same systems we installed in 2006.

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