While at Murray State University, we had a problem of not knowing where a piece of equipment was located at. We always had paperwork, but never a visual representation. This was particularly bad when you needed to replace a network card and all you had to go on was “Oh, that PC…it’s in room 201” but room 201 has about 100 computers in it.

To remedy this, I created a Microsoft Visio project that mapped out all floors of the Business Building, North and South (2 buildings, 6 floors in one building, 4 floors in the other). Each building had floor plans with all tables, access points, elevators, rooms, offices, etc. Each room had all computers listed in it.

After I had all computers laid out on the mapping, I used the properties of each computer’s icon to give it the asset number, serial number, and mac address. After a couple weeks, all information was finally entered into the project and it was converted to a web-app.

The good thing about being a web-app was that anyone could view it. Another thing was that you could click on the search option and type in an asset number and the web-app would automatically find that PC, in what room, and put a big, flashing, red arrow on it to show you where in a row of 15 computers in a single room it was.

When I left MSU, I handed all the files over to the Business Building Network Admin to keep it up to date, but now, I don’t know what’s happened to it.

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