It’s been a couple of months now since I rooted my HTC Hero and I gotta say it’s been one of the best things I did for my phone. It works almost flawlessly (randomly drops GPS and sometimes restarts but that’s not a big problem). It reacts to what I tell it to do, it makes calls when I want it to, it’s just a hell of a lot better than using that damned original OS that came with it. So my new endeavor is to now update the PRL on my phone (Preferred Roaming List) so that I can get the most out of the tower signals as possible. Unfortunately, the CM7 mod doesn’t have the ability to update the PRL, so does that mean I’m at a loss?


Nope, and here’s how…

In order to update the PRL you have to go back to original firmware. Once you update the PRL you can move back to your custom firmware and all the apps/data that you have right now. You may be asking yourself, “If I flash, then update, then re-flash again, won’t I lose the PRL I just updated?” Well, the short answer is no. When you update the PRL, you’re updating the hardware and when we flash, we’re only changing the software. The updated information from the new PRL is permanently attached to the phone’s hardware and no matter what you do, short of running over it with a car, will never change.




For this, you are going to need:

  • Original Sprint FW (@cyanogen | my download)
  • Backup of your CFW (can be done during process; see below)
  • Lots of time


As stated before in other posts, all done at your own risk. You break it, not my problem.


Download the Original Stock FW from the links above and then after you have downloaded the files, copy them to the root of your SD card that is inside of your phone. This is a SENSE based ROM and it will work for PRL updating. Once you put the ROM on your SD card, go to ROM manager and then to “install ROM from SD Card”. If you dont have a backup for your current ROM then check all three boxes…
Once the Stock FW is done installing, you can go to Settings>AboutPhone>UpdatePRL

Once the PRL is updated, you can go to ROM Manage and then go to Manage and Restore Backups. Select the backup you want (which will be the newest since you just made a backup). BTW, you can name your backup by long-pressing on them so it is easier to remember which is which. Anyway, select the one you want, and if it asks about wiping cache and other stuff, select YES and do the wipe.
When finished, you will be back to your version of CM7+Apps+New PRL


Also, you can safe the NFX Stock Rom on your SD card so that you can always re-flash the PRL or use for any other reasons you might need a stock system.


And remember, recovery mode is always available @ Power Off: Hold Volume-Down button, Press Power

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