Sometimes, after you root or flash a custom ROM on your phone/tablet/phablet, you might have trouble sending and/or receiving MMS messages. This includes pictures, videos, recordings, really anything that isn’t just standard text. You’ll know you have trouble if you send a picture and instead of sending you just get a spinning processing icon on your message and it never sends, or if you try to receive an MMS message you’ll just have a download button on the message; when you try to download the message it flickers and then reloads the download button again.

Try doing this as a fix; this DOES work for T-Mobile, but should work for others.


  1. Go to Settings/More Networks/Mobile Networks/Acces Point Names………
  2. Select T-Mobile US LTE
  3. Scroll down to APN TYPE
  4. ADD the following mms,internet,data,admin
  5. Then save

Make sure that you use the menu dots at the top of the screen (or other menu button) and select save.

You may or may not have to reboot your phone, but now you should be able to send/receive mms now.

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