What Is It?

This handy little app allows you to have a single spot for all your trip’s reservations.

You DO need a TripIt account to use the app, but at least it is free.

Also, the account you register with needs to be the email address you have reservations sent to.

How to Use

Any time you receive a confirmation email for your trip, you simply forward it to plans@tripit.com, then it will automatically be in your account. Flight plans, Dinner Reservations, Car Rentals, send it all to the above email and it tiles it very nicely in you app.

The nice thing about this is that you no longer have to print out every little confirmation email. Just tap the app and go.

Use-to, I had a about three pages of print outs for flight details, a couple pages on the car rental, ticket information for events, etc. Now, I just forward everything to plans@tripit.com and it automatically adds everything to my account. I tap the little app button on my screen and bam! there they are, nicely organized. It will even geo-locate items and tell me what’s in the area that I might be interested in.

Another useful item is that you can share out your trips. Let’s say I create an itinerary and call it “Vegas”. I forward my flight, car, hotel information to TripIt and I can see all my reservations in a nice, neat list in the app. Well, if I log into the web-based version, I can share that itinerary with someone.


  • No updates to flight changes or other notifications unless you pay for that service
  • Rough adding emails that someone else made reservations for
    • For instance, if your significant other makes hotel reservations while you make flight reservations, it’s a little rough adding the hotel reservations to your TripIt account
  • If no cell service or wifi…you’re screwed
  • If reservation requires barcode scan, you still need printout
  • Reservation/Confirmation emails sent to your account at TripIt need to be placed in an already created itinerary, which cannot be done from the app (only from web)

All in all, it’s a pretty nice app. Personally, it helps to have if I’m out and someone asks something about the trip, I can quickly look up flight numbers, times, etc. However, even though it’s really nice, on the actual travel date, I’ll still have my confirmation emails printed out for backup.

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