There’s a hidden setting in Windows that allows you to do pretty much anything, but it’s a hidden feature. This option doesn’t give you everything available in the system, but it does give you a very large list of configurable options all in one place. To gain access to this function, here’s what you need to do…

First, copy this code:


Next, create a new folder on your desktop (right click, select New, then New Folder). Once the folder appears on your desktop, you’ll need to rename the folder; by default, a new folder is created with the folder name already selected and ready to be changed. If it isn’t, right click on the folder and choose “Rename”, or left click the folder once and then press F2 (F2 is the default key to rename a file).

Delete the name of the folder and paste the string of info above, making sure that you have no spaces on the beginning and the end. When you have set the new folder name to that string, either press enter or left click outside of the folder to set it. As soon as the new folder name is set, it will turn into a new icon that looks something like the control panel icon. Now, you can double-click the icon and you’ll be in Windows God Mode.

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