My name is Chris and although I am a Kentucky native, I currently reside in the Greater Los Angeles area. I like to dabble in the techie stuff, but mostly, I like to break things. Give me an app, or a piece of software, and I’ll find a way to make it stop working. I have two Associate’s, one Bachelor’s, and one Master’s degree. If I had to pick between Android and Apple, I’d eat the apple, toss the core to the birds, and go skipping away with Android. I also have a bad habit of jailbreaking all the devices I get my hands on; be it a PS3, Hero, EVO, or my current play-thing, the Galaxy S5.

I love heart-racing activities. Anything from roller-coasters to jumping off the Stratosphere in Vegas (did that here). I’m biding my time for the hot air balloon bungee jump that happens every year, I just haven’t been lucky enough to get tickets. ¬†Around here, we have plenty to do: Disney, Universal, Knotts, and Six-Flags! Although, it’s hard to find people who aren’t scared of the fast rides.

When I’m not hanging out with friends, I’m catching up with Netflix or checking out whatever happens to be the newest show at the theaters.

Other than that, I’m sure I’ll find something else to put here at some time.

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